Ship's Technical Management

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  Offshore & Voyage Repair
Our staffs are always attending to process an urgent offshore repairs like as pipe & boiler works, pumps works, steel works, mechanical works, electrical & electronic works, insulation works, recondition & exchange works of engines, E.T.C.

  Supervising NewShipbuilding
Our special team to be consisted of ex. surveyors in class office is operating, they all is notary surveyor in the respective part. They shall provide the way to save expenses, of which ship's owners have newshipbuilding in korean builders as well as seurity & convenience. the actual condition to use our team will be able to present as soonest as you have concern about our management system.

  Inspection Vessels

Our service is to make a full objective and exactness of the real ship under selling & purchasing ship including our broking ship. Inspection is implemented to the ship afloat or in the dry dock by one or two.
The range of inspection is followings; Hull condition, deck system, cargo handling system, function test, tightness test, other marine equipments, engine(M/E, G/E) condition E.T.C. The way of inspection is following up a conventional rules.

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