Ship's Broking

ND corporation has a wide range of service covering all traditional broking aspects through our active team of experienced specialists.
Sale & Purchase.
We cover the range of 2nd hand ship's selling & purchasing market, from bulk carriers to tankers and the more specialized vessels such as container ships.
  Crude Oil Tanker
Length O.A/Length B.P 333.0m/318.0m
Breadth.mid/ 58.0m/31.25m
Design/Scantling draugth.mid 21.0m/22.5.0m
Class ABS
DeadWeight 282.200mt/308.200mt
Main Engine HSD B&W/7S80MC-C
Speed(15% SM) 16.0knotes

  Container Vessel
Length O.A/Length B.P 277.0m/263.0m
Breadth.mid/ 40.0m/24.3m
Design/Scantling draugth.mid 12.0m/14.0m
Class LRS
DeadWeight 50.100mt/67.700mt
Main Engine HSD B&W/10K98MC-C
Speed(15% SM) 26.4knotes
  Bulk Carrier
Length O.A 224.8.0m
Length B.P 217.0m
Breadth. mid 32.24m
Depth.mid 19.2m
Design Draught.mid 12.2m
Class LRS
Dead Weight 62.600mt
Main Engine HSD-SULZER 7RTA48T
Speed(15% SM) 14.5knots
  LNG Carrier
L.O.A 278.8m
L.B.P 266.0m
Breadth 42.6m
Depth 26.0m
Td 11.3m
Speed at 100% MCR abt.19.5knots
Cargo Capacity(100% Full) abt.138.200m3
Cruising Range 13.000nm

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